MoUs with Industry

Sr.No Organization MoU Co-ordinator  One-paragraph about MoU
1 P & G Prof V B Khanapuri  NITIE and PnG will carry out joint research projects in the area
of supply chain management, conduct joint events like
knowledge dissemination sessions in the area of equality and
Inclusion for Supply Chain Management . NITIE will undertake
joint research and will offer supply chain courses 
2 TCS Dr Hema Date  This MoU will facilitate the exchange and co-authoring of scholarly and
research publications, opportunities for research advisory or consulting
services from Institute, exploring opportunities for collaborative research , exchange of scholars, researchers and students for seminars, conferences , workshops and other academic interaction meetings.   
3 EBTC Prof Manoj Kumar Tiwari  This MoU will have both the parties agree to co-operate and
support academic , research and industry specific collaboration between
Europe and India. EBTC and NITIE will jointly explore projects funded by Governments in India and Europe 
4 O9 Solutions Prof V B Khanapuri  This MoU will see NITIE and o9 Solutions carry out joint research projects 
in the area of supply chain management, may conduct joint events and may
fund research centres. Currently this MoU has a project "ML Model to close
the gap between Plan and Actuals" and has o9 Solutions
funding a Research Associate under it. 
5 Asian Institute of
Technology (AIT)
Prof Neeraj Pandey  The purpose of this MoU is to enable co-operation bteween AIT and NITIE:
a. To promote interest in research , teaching, training and consultancy activities of the respective institutions
b. To deepen the understanding of scientific, technological and management issues relevant to the respective institutions  and in this regards, activities proposed are :
1. Offer Unifies Bacherlor-Master's degree programs and /or dual degree programs
2. Carrying out research projects in fields of mutual interests such as Industrial Engineering,
Industrial Management , Environmental Science , Technology and Management;
3. Exchange of academic publications and reports
4. Sharing of experience in innovative teaching methods and course design
5. Encourage organization of joint symposia, workshops and conferences;
6. Identify and encourage opportunities for faculty devlopment and exchange 
7. Identify and encourage oportunities for student exchange ;
8. Identify and encorage opportunities for exchange of research scholars;
9. Collaboration towards joint submission of international projects and sponsored research oppornuties ; and
10. Joint consultation of Industry and government
6 Maharashtra Centre
for Entrepreneurship Development (MCED)
Prof Hema Date  This MoU is for collaboration/educational partnership between MCED and NITIE for the following activities:
1. Technical Entrepreneurship Development Programme (TEDP)
2. Conduct training program and the details of the same will be shared from time to time
3. Project Consultancy Support to aspiring entrepreneurs Backend support to MCED Data Centre/Coomunication Centre
4.Soft Intervention Support to Clusters
5. Continuous evaluation of cluster and performance analysis of clusters
6. Designing policies and conducting experiments to understand the impact of policies
7. Designing instruments for training programs and to understand the entrepreneurial acumen of candidates
8. Any other area mutually decided between NITIE & MCED as per Government of Maharashtra Policy & directives