Impact of COVID-19 on logistics systems and disruptions in food supply chain

The research work of Prof. Manoj Kumar Tiwari, Director NITIE and team published in the International Journal of Production Research on "Impact of COVID-19 on logistics systems and disruptions in food supply chain" has been converted into excellent video by the Taylor & Francis Research Communications Services.

The research has addressed labor shortage during Covid-19 by introducing Synchronous Truck Drone System to rapidly deliver essential items to the customers in hot zone while maintaining social distancing protocol. The algorithm developed will determine optimal parking traveling positions of the truck and the operation of the drone. Also, the research team has created a simulation model of Public Distribution System (PDS), which is the cross-country essential food service system of the Government serving over 800 million citizens. The simulation model of PDS operation will effectively work under various scenarios despite disruption in the food supply chain.

Taylor and Francis Research Communications Services have converted the research work into a very interesting video to show the impact of NITIE research work published in IJPR.

Nitie contribution during Pandemic

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