10th Asian Forum for Accelerator and Detectors (AFAD 2019), February 13-15, 2019

Apoorti Shrankhla Kay Saarthi

NITIE's Outreach: Connecting with Truck drivers 

National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE) initiated an outreach programme Apoorti Shrankhla kay Saarthi (Drivers of Supply Chain) to understand truck drivers issues. A documentary film has been made under guidance of Prof. M.anoj K Tiwari, Director, NITIE to understand the truck  driver dynamics. Thanks to Mumbai Port Trust Dock and General Employees Union (MPTD&GEU) for their support in accomplishing the event.

Prof Nikhil K Mehta conceptualised, directed and narrated the documentary film. Prof. Vivekananda Khanapuri, Dean (SRIC), NITIE, Prof. Shankar Murthy, Professor (Safety), NITIE, Adv. S.K. Shettye, Chairman (MPTD&GEU), and  Shri Sudhakar Apraj, General Secretary (MPTD&GEU), Dr Vishnu A Patankar, NITIE graced the ocassion.

NITIE in collaboration with MPTD&GEU plans to organise awareness and safety training programmes for truck drivers supporting them to seek social sensitivity and behavioural safety.

Apoorti Shrankhla Kay Saarthi
Apoorti Shrankhla Kay Saarthi
Apoorti Shrankhla Kay Saarthi

Apoorti Shrankhla Kay Saarthi
Apoorti Shrankhla Kay Saarthi
Apoorti Shrankhla Kay Saarthi

10th Asian Forum for Accelerator and Detectors (AFAD 2019), February 13-15, 2019

Exploring the possibility of NITIE and Micron Collaboration

It gives us immense pleasure to share that Dr. Arnab Banerjee, Senior Manager, Inventory management, Global Supply Chain, Micron Technology had a visit to NITIE. Dr. Banerjee is a  NITIE Alumnus of 2002 batch & have more than 18 years diverse consulting experience in ERP, IOT and Blockchain technology implementations in Manufacturing and Supply Chain. 

Prof. Manoj Tiwari, Director NITIE, had a very fruitful discussion with him exploring all the possibilities that will cater to development of specialized capability enhancement for both NITIE and Micron, emerging industrial live problem-solving, global collaborations in the areas of need.

We feel delighted to see his affection towards NITIE and efforts for industry-academia partnership with Micron. We thank Dr. Banerjee for his visit to NITIE. 



10th Asian Forum for Accelerator and Detectors (AFAD 2019), February 13-15, 2019

Hindi Divas message

10th Asian Forum for Accelerator and Detectors (AFAD 2019), February 13-15, 2019


The celebrations of ganpati Utsav began at NITIE today. Our revered Director Prof. Manoj Kumar Tiwari performed Pranapratishtha poojan today. Ganpati Bappa Morya! May Lord Ganesha bless you with wisdom, intelligence, prosperity, happiness and success. Wish all great Ganesh Chaturthi

NITIE Staff and Officers Club organised the proceedings

10th Asian Forum for Accelerator and Detectors (AFAD 2019), February 13-15, 2019


To celebrate the 75th Independence Day at NITIE- Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav (Fit India freedom run 2.0), NITIE, Mumbai organized a Campus Marathon and Relay race. The Sports Committee, NITIE initiated the proceedings under the guidance of Prof. Nikhil K. Mehta and Prof. Vidyadhar Gedam, (Sport Committee In-charge). Over 100 students, faculty members, officers, staff members, and campus residents participated in a 3.5 km run with enthusiasm. The relay race was also introduced this year. Prof. Hema Date (Dean, Student Affairs) and Prof. Utpal Chattopadhyay, (Chief Warden) inaugurated the event. Prof. Manoj Kumar Tiwari, Director, NITIE honored the top three winners from each category. The event was moderated by Prof. Vidyadhar Gedam. Prof. Nikhil K. Mehta proposed the vote of thanks.



10th Asian Forum for Accelerator and Detectors (AFAD 2019), February 13-15, 2019



Course Leader: Prof. Nikhil K Mehta

Day and Date:Monday-Wednesday 02/08/21 to 04/08/21

Introduction and Contracting
Intrapersonal Communication and Virtuality
Transactional Analysis
Group/Team Communication in Virtual times
Speaking to black holes
Communication in a larger group
Written Communication
Written Communication

10th Asian Forum for Accelerator and Detectors (AFAD 2019), February 13-15, 2019

"Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat'-New Batch Orientation -2021

"Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat'-New Batch Orientation -2021 

NITIE EBSB student team successfully conducted the 'Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat' orientation of junior batches of 2021. We shared the social message of integrating cultural exchange and values amidst budding techno-managers.

Prof. Manoj Tiwari, Director, NITIE conveyed his good wishes and suggested that students participate actively in the work of cultural integration & collaboration and achieve success in personal & professional life. Prof. Hema Date, Dean of Student Affairs shared her views with the students and motivated them to participate in the EBSB events.  The program was moderated by Prof. Nikhil K. Mehta, Coordinator -EBSB.

EBSB pledges were read in various languages: Hindi-Prof. Vidyadhar Gedam, English-Mr Rishabh Verma, Odia-Mr Bikash Kumar Manjhi, and Marathi-Mr Dadaso Watharkar. 

Prof. Nikhil K Mehta also shared the details of Manodarpan and its toll-free national helpline 8448440632.

Over 400 students participated in the event.

10th Asian Forum for Accelerator and Detectors (AFAD 2019), February 13-15, 2019

Immense pleasure that NITIE will be hosting Padmashri-Padmabhushan Shri Anupam Kher through an online motivational talk. Under the leadership of Prof. Manoj Kumar Tiwari, Director, NITIE.we are proud to nurture the development of our budding manager

It was a pleasure to host Padma Shri- Padma Bhushan Shri Anupam Kher Sir for a virtual motivational session.

Mr. Kher shared the details of his inspirational journey, the challenges that he faced from his childhood to Bollywood to Hollywood, and how he overcame them. He also inspired and motivated students to pursue authentic self honestly. He shared several anecdotes from his own life emphasizing the lessons and values he learned from his grandparents and parents, and how he explored them functionally in living his personal and professional life.

Mr. Kher has been a distinguished personality with multiple awards and accolades to his name. He has wide-ranging experience in a variety of roles and is known to speak his mind. He has also contributed immensely to social causes. The students were inspired and gained a lot of insights from his philosophy of success and motivation in work and life.

We are thankful to Anupam Kher Sir for taking out the time from his busy schedule and sharing such motivational insights with us. We at NITIE would love to see and hear from him again.

We would also like to thank our Director Sir - Prof Manoj Kumar Tiwari and Dean Student Affairs- Prof (Ms) Hema Date for this great initiative. The session was gracefully moderated by Prof. Nikhil K Mehta.

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10th Asian Forum for Accelerator and Detectors (AFAD 2019), February 13-15, 2019

Mr. Thomas Varghese Leadership Talk

Leadership in Crisis

It was an honour for the National Institute of Industrial Engineering to host Mr. Thomas Varghese, Business Head - Textiles, Acrylic Fibre, Overseas Spinning at Aditya Birla Group as a Chief Guest for Catalyst-Leadership Engagement Series hosted by Samiksha-Industry Interaction Committee of NITIE Mumbai.

Mr. Thomas Varghese unfolded the talk by defining crisis and described the COVID-19 pandemic as a global black swan event and later suggested the top 5 leadership core competencies to face any kind of crisis, which are Agility, Communication, Courage & Perseverance, Credibility and Emotional effectiveness. Escalated some of the key attributes required to achieve these competencies such as unconditional honesty, Authenticity, Empathy, Diligence, Endurance, Resilience and Balance etc. He gave his perspective on each of the competencies and their importance by quoting the most relevant real-life examples.

The ten commandments that need to be practised by every leader during the crisis as proposed by him with his own valuable experiences & learnings some of them which are “To have a crisis management plan”, “Being action-based, Agile and compassionate”. He listed the crisis we have faced in the last 10 years such as the European Sovereign Debt Crisis, Russian Financial Crisis etc., and appealed that every crisis leaves some lessons to evolve for new normal. Described the present new normal as VUCA where the budding managers and aspiring leaders need to rework on their skills by adding new ones such as Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive flexibility to their basket without compromising the old ones such as People management and Critical thinking. Embarked that a leader should be “mindful” and not “mind-full” by keeping the low flow of information and high usage of intelligence with equal focus to process as compared to the results by stating the example of the movie Pearl Harbour. He later emphasised on the major changes that a crisis brings which are Global reordering, Power of Big Data, IoT, ML, AI, Redesign of business models and processes to develop for making them more resilient by taking end to end value chain into consideration, and a new way to manage & lead. Summarized the talk by articulating his three personal mantras which are “Mindfulness”, “Listen Intently”, and “Suspend Judgement” to excel in all aspects of life.

Addressing the QnA’s of students Mr. Thomas Varghese suggested them to search about their passion and follow it with uncompromised attitude, patience and hard work, focussing more on the learnings they get through the process rather than the destination by quoting his own personal anecdotes. He mentioned the opportunities and challenges that he got in the initial stages of his career and explained the role of them in shaping up his career, especially his stint of leading retail management. He encapsulated the talk by acknowledging the importance of pursuing a career in Sustainability which is the need of hour.

We would also like to thank Prof. Manoj Tiwari (Director, NITIE), Prof. Hema Date (Dean, Student Affairs), Prof. Ranjan Chaudhuri, and Prof. Ravindra Gokhale for supporting us to make this event a huge success.

Industry Interaction Committee – SAMIKSHA

10th Asian Forum for Accelerator and Detectors (AFAD 2019), February 13-15, 2019

Future of Indian Economy - Shri. S. Gurumurthy

NITIE hosted a talk by Shri. S. Gurumurthy, Leading Corporate Advisor, Chartered Accountant and Editor of Tamil magazine, “Thuglaq” on “The Future of Indian Economy” on 21st June 2021 at 6:30 PM. The event witnessed enthusiastic participation cutting across several social groups.

Prof.Manoj Kumar Tiwari, Director, NITIE, Mumbai introduced Shri. Gurumurthy as a fearless journalist, unconventional thinker and astute mind. He recalled the role of Shri. Gurumurthy in supporting small enterprises and his conviction in the role of such enterprises as a contributor to economic growth. Prof.K.S.Ranjani, Faculty, Economics and Finance Area, moderated the event.

Speaking on the future of the Indian economy, Shri. S. Gurumurthy's talk on the future on the Indian economy centered around three propositions, namely [1] India is too big to be dependent on the world, and equally independent of the world. [2] India did not understand the role of power in geopolitics and was unwilling to play the power game till Pokharan II atomic explosion [3] India also did not understand that its role in geopolitics is essential for its development. China which understood the role of power and geopolitics took a 30-year lead over India by leveraging on both. India's efforts to understand the role of power and geopolitics for its economic development began only in the third millennium. He pointed out that nonalignment in the two decades of cold war period first and the wrong alignment for a whole decade after the cold war were lost decades for India. He pointed out that while China which started a Marxist state and the socialist economy moved to mix the Marxist state with market economy, India which started with democratic state and socialist economy moved a decade later to be a democratic state with a market economy. China an autocrat was favored by the democratic West, India which was a democracy was disfavoured by it. But China with its autocratic state was able to abuse the global market to its advantage and to the destruction of the global economy which the West realized two decades later. He traced the rise of China as a dominant role in geopolitics and its ascent as a superpower on par with the US with the latter's blessings. An autocratic and opaque China is now seen as a threat to world peace and equilibrium. Also, the western powers G7. NATO and EU concurrently position the world into a democracy-centric world. It is in this context that the recognition of the Indian democracy as deep, stable, inclusive, representative, and mature by the world assumes significance.

Autocracy works against a stable world order while democracies foster symbiotic relationships. The post-pandemic world is now wary of trade relations that promise just a “cheap” source supply chain. The post-pandemic world will operate in a revised paradigm of supply chain principles that will rest on both cheap and safe. It is here that India can position itself as a reliable player.

The nature of Indian democracy, the collective nature of Indian society and the social capital that form the basis for Indian enterprise are unique features that could become key variables in the Indian growth story. Free investment could become a better alternative to free trade and become a more empowering catalyst in promoting inclusive growth.

Shri. Gurumurthy, in his 30-minute address had drawn out a broad roadmap that held promises of a bright future for the country, provided policies were bold and appropriately drawn out to leverage the changed dynamics.

The talk was followed by Q&A with participants putting forth questions regarding various aspects of business and economy. Shree Gurumurthy handled all the questions with aplomb leaving the audience enthralled. The event left audience wanting for more.

NITIE is honored to have hosted this excellent talk and we look forward to more such events that could build knowledgeable societies.

10th Asian Forum for Accelerator and Detectors (AFAD 2019), February 13-15, 2019

The concluding session of the Global Online Certification Course on Supply Chain Digitization and Management

NITIE Mumbai welcomes everyone to the concluding session of the Global Online Certification Course on Supply Chain Digitization and Management. We are grateful to everyone for such an overwhelming response to the course. Over 2500 participants from 250+ prestigious national and international organizations participated from 13+ countries in the 30 Hour Course. Some prominent academic institutions include the IITs, IIMs, University of London, University of Warwick, Arab Open University and some eminent organizations include P&G, HUL, ITC, Amul, Deloitte, General Mills, IBM, Titan, Reliance, PwC and many more.

The event will be graced by the Chief Guest of Honor - Shri Nitin Gadkari Ji, Union Cabinet Minister, Road, Transport and Highways, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Mr. Shashi Kiran Shetty, Chairman BoG – NITIE and Chairman – All Cargo Logistics, Mr. Rampraveen Swaminathan - CEO, Mahindra Logistics Ltd., Ms. Sindhu Gangadharan, SVP & MD, SAP Labs India, and our renowned course instructors - Prof. David Simchi-Levi (MIT, USA) and Prof. Manoj K Tiwari, Director, NITIE.

Timings - 4:45 PM IST, 21st March, 2021

YouTube Link -

Course Website - Digital SCM 2021 | NITIE

10th Asian Forum for Accelerator and Detectors (AFAD 2019), February 13-15, 2019

Republic Day - 2021

NITIE, Mumbai celebrated Republic Day 2021

National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai celebrated the 72th Republic Day on 26th January 2021 at NITIE Campus in a grand manner. Republic Day celebration started with Marathon at 06:30 AM, starting from Taylor Hall Basement. Students, Faculty Members, Officers, Staff and their family members participated in it and made this occasion graceful and energetic.

Flag hosting ceremony was done by Prof. Manoj Kumar Tiwari, Director, NITIE at 9.00am on the lawn facing Vihar Lake. On this occasion, Mass singing of National Anthem, March past by NITIE Security personnel were done. Shri Basavaraj Swamy, Registrar, NITIE led the mass reading of preamble of the Constitution. Patriotic songs was presented by the Students of the Institute.

Prof. Manoj Kumar Tiwari, Director, NITIE, presided over the function and inspired the audience by enlightening the importance of Republic Day. He also shared his views regarding the various initiatives at NITIE during COVID-19 and how NITIE handled the major challenges to its academic processes.

The re-launch of NITIE Journal "Udyog Pragati" was done by the Director on this occasion. The gathering was also addressed by Prof. D.K. Srivastava and Mr. Rajesh Lad. The programme was well supported by NITIE Faculty, Officers, Staff and their family members, PGP and Fellow Students. Program ended with prize distribution of Marathon and distribution of sweets.

10th Asian Forum for Accelerator and Detectors (AFAD 2019), February 13-15, 2019
29/12/2020 to 12/01/2021

Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate

The Course was Inaugurated online by Director NITIE Prof Manoj Kumar Tiwari on 29 Dec 20. In all 36 students attended the course and got certified. This was done for the spouse / female dependents of our Brave Naval warriors of the Western Naval Command as a CSR by NITIE totally free of cost to empower the women and comprised participants from the complete Western Naval Command from Gujarat to Karnataka. Course was held online by NITIE Adjunct Faculty Col Santosh Dabral (Retd), Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt. This course has been possible only because of the active support of C-in-C Western Naval Command Admiral Ajit Kumar and President NWWA(WR) and Director NITIE Prof Manoj Kumar Tiwari.

Certificates to a few successful candidates were given by Rear Admiral Shivkumar and Prof Shirish Sangle at a function organized by NWWA (WR) Chief Coordinator Mrs Deepa Shivkumar at the Western Naval Command on 14 Jan 21.

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10th Asian Forum for Accelerator and Detectors (AFAD 2019), February 13-15, 2019

Online session on Role of Robotic Systems in Ecommerce by Prof Debjit Roy from IIMA

NITIE today successfully organized the online session on Role of Robotic Systems in Ecommerce by Prof Debjit Roy from IIMA. Prof Debjit deliberated on the contemporary issue of online shopping in context of e commerce space. He touched the very pertinent questions related to delivery, efficiency, and time management in the online delivery systems. He highlighted the need of efficiency and safety in the pandemic times and how automation and robotic solutions can be harnessed to achieve both. Prof Roy coupled the role of e commerce in today’s context with the concepts of order management. He however, laid thrust on the need of flexible distribution centres/systems and the challenges associated with this mechanism. Human Robot Collaboration was the highlight of the session whereby the speaker showed various lines of action on the two and the how it can be leveraged to get maximum efficiency and business growth. In all, it was an engrossing session on business efficiency and robotic systems in ECOMMERCE domain.# Solving for India

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10th Asian Forum for Accelerator and Detectors (AFAD 2019), February 13-15, 2019

KVIC Team Visit

The Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) team headed by deputy CEO Shri Satya Narayana Shukla and Ms Smitha Nair, Director, KVIC visited National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai to meet with Director, NITIE Prof. Manoj K. Tiwari.

The KVIC team greeted the Director, NITIE with a shawl.

The KVIC Team discussed about branding and marketing strategies of KVIC products with NITIE Marketing Area faculty members and students.

NITIE Mumbai looks forward to work closely with Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC).

10th Asian Forum for Accelerator and Detectors (AFAD 2019), February 13-15, 2019



Journey during previous years:

2014: Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea

2017: Nihon University, Japan

2020: De La Salle University, Philippines

Next: 2023: National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE) Mumbai, India

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