Strategy and Quizzing Group

Committee Description:

NSQC is the Strategy and Quizzing Club of NITIE. The purpose of the club is to concentrate equally on the management as well as non-management areas to gain a holistic perspective of things. Our focus is to enhance the knowledge of the students by keeping them updated with the latest activities around the world. We love dissecting the strategies of top companies and discussing the various alternative steps that could have been taken. We are here for Quizzes, Facts and figures and strategic discussions on the various aspects of the business processes.

Events and Schedule:

Induction Sessions: During “Abhisanskaran” Orientation period of the new batch, sessions are conducted so that the new batch may have an idea of the purpose of the club and its various activities.

Schedule: This event is held in month of June every year.

Yakshprashnam: An online quizzing event organized in association with Quiz Club NTIS. The quiz is a solo competition and is open to all the students of NITIE.

Schedule: This event is held in the month of november

NITIE Quizzing League (NQL): One of the main events that we are planning to conduct this year is the NITIE Quizzing League (NQL) in which there will be a series of quizzes in various domains like Strategy, Supply Chain, Marketing, Finance, Economics, General Knowledge and Sports as well. Participants from other colleges will also be invited to make this an intra-B-School level event.

Schedule: This event is tentatively scheduled to be held in the month of August.


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Committee Structure

Team members:

17 Members (8 Senior Batch + 9 Junior Batch)

Sr.No. Name Mail ID Contact No Role Responsibility Batch
1 Anshul Ekka 9407649177 Coordinator 2019-IM
2 Arkadeep Bal 8981774011 Coordinator 2019-IM
3 Kunal Mahanwar 7756886187 Coordinator 2019-IM
4 Mohit Verma 8979849182 Coordinator 2019-IM
5 Nithin S S 8089284464 Coordinator 2019-IM
6 Jashwin Hatzade 9404041790 Coordinator 2019-PM
7 Kapil Pandey 8871708597 Coordinator 2019-PM
8 Rahul Tiwari 7007513875 Coordinator 2019-IE
9 Rabi Sankar Debbarma 8730050292 Coordinator 2019-IE
10 Karan Manglani 8291210731 Coordinator 2018-IM
11 Jaswanth Rahul Manda 9966566301 Coordinator 2018-IM
12 Pankaj Singh Bhati 9820501071 Coordinator 2018-IE
13 Shashi Kumar 9523970600 Coordinator 2018-IM
14 K Ramakrishnan 7829869441 Coordinator 2018-IM
15 Binay Patawari 9199455207 Coordinator 2018-PM
16 Anand Kant 8291643824 Coordinator 2018-IE
17 Ronak Kadikar 9712993874 Coordinator 2018-IM
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