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About the Centre

The Centre for Supply Chain Management (CSCM) was begun in the year 2014 and is positioned as a strategic multidisciplinary Centre of Excellence at NITIE, dedicated to carrying out specialized theoretical and applied research on Supply Chain Management.

The objective of CSCM is

To become a nationally recognized Centre for Supply Chain Management dedicated to developing innovative strategies and practical solutions that address business problems encountered by the enterprises in the management of the end-to-end supply chain

Area of focus

  • Conduct research that contributes significantly to the theory and practice of Supply Chain Management
  • Act as a forum to initiate interaction and dialogue on supply chain related issues, challenges and solutions between industry and academia
  • Educate and train practicing executives, increase the pool of Supply Chain Management professionals and develop future industry leaders in areas of Supply Chain Management
  • Increase visibility of the Supply Chain Management discipline within the student community

Research projects

  • Product Perishability:Agriculture Supply chains, Cold Chain Logistics, Pharmaceutical Supply Chains, Supply Chains in Fisheries
  • Sustainability:Green Supply Chain Management, Sustainable Supply Chains, Reverse Logistics, Closed Loop Supply Chains
  • Technology:Supply chains in E-commerce, IoT for Logistics & SCM, Smart Logistics, Smart Mobility
  • Trade & Logistics:Port Productivity, Shipping Logistics
  • Modelling & Optimization:Supply chain Network Design and Optimization, Location Planning, Coordination, Auctions and Bargaining models, Structural Equation Modelling

Current Activities in centre

  • Research Projects
  • Seminar/conference/Workshops
  • Internship
  • Collaboration

Centre Milestones

  • Projects
  • Publication
  • Conference Presentations
  • Case Studies
  • Event Organized


Prof. Karuna Jain

Prof. Karuna Jain
Research Interest: Food Supply Chains, Technology Diffusion, Project Management, Cold Chains, Port Logistics

Prof. Manoj K. Jha

Prof. Manoj K. Jha
Research Interest: B2B Marketing, Technology in SCM, Port Logistics

Prof. Priyanka Verma

Prof. Priyanka Verma
Research Interest: Sustainable SCM, Project Management, Industry 4.0, OR Modelling

Prof. Sushmita Narayana

Prof. Sushmita Narayana

Prof. Sachin Kamble

Prof. Sachin Kamble

Prof. Ravindra Gokhale

Prof. Ravindra Gokhale

Contact Information

For further information and business enquiries, drop in a line to cscm[at]nitie[dot]ac[dot]in or sushmitan[at]nitie[dot]ac[dot]in


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