Centre for SCM

Centre for SCM


About the Centre

The Centre for Supply Chain Management (CSCM) was begun in the year 2014 and is positioned as a strategic multidisciplinary Centre of Excellence at NITIE, dedicated to carrying out specialized theoretical and applied research on Supply Chain Management.

The objective of CSCM is

To become a nationally recognized Centre for Supply Chain Management dedicated to developing innovative strategies and practical solutions that address business problems encountered by the enterprises in the management of the end-to-end supply chain

Area of focus

  • Conduct research that contributes significantly to the theory and practice of Supply Chain Management
  • Act as a forum to initiate interaction and dialogue on supply chain related issues, challenges and solutions between industry and academia
  • Educate and train practicing executives, increase the pool of Supply Chain Management professionals and develop future industry leaders in areas of Supply Chain Management
  • Increase visibility of the Supply Chain Management discipline within the student community

Research projects

  • Product Perishability:Agriculture Supply chains, Cold Chain Logistics, Pharmaceutical Supply Chains, Supply Chains in Fisheries
  • Sustainability:Green Supply Chain Management, Sustainable Supply Chains, Reverse Logistics, Closed Loop Supply Chains
  • Technology:Supply chains in E-commerce, IoT for Logistics & SCM, Smart Logistics, Smart Mobility
  • Trade & Logistics:Port Productivity, Shipping Logistics
  • Modelling & Optimization:Supply chain Network Design and Optimization, Location Planning, Coordination, Auctions and Bargaining models, Structural Equation Modelling

Current Activities in centre

  • Research Projects
  • Seminar/conference/Workshops
  • Internship
  • Collaboration

Centre Milestones

  • Projects
  • Publication
  • Conference Presentations
  • Case Studies
  • Event Organized



Prof. Karuna Jain

Research Interest: Food Supply Chains, Technology Diffusion, Project Management, Cold Chains, Port Logistics


Prof. Manoj K. Jha

Research Interest: B2B Marketing, Technology in SCM, Port Logistics


Prof. Priyanka Verma

Research Interest: Sustainable SCM, Project Management, Industry 4.0, OR Modelling


Prof. Sushmita Narayana


Prof. Sachin Kamble


Prof. Ravindra Gokhale

Contact Information

For further information and business enquiries, drop in a line to cscm[at]nitie[dot]ac[dot]in or sushmitan[at]nitie[dot]ac[dot]in

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