Project Management Club


Committee Description

Project Management Club is NITIEs Project Management Forum that deals with enhancing knowledge and awareness in field of Project Management.

Forum that spearheads NITIE's expertise in Project Management by focusing on active industry academia collaboration. It is the breeding ground of ideas, thoughts and vision on upcoming transformations in Project Management and institute's pivotal role in making Indian Project Managers future ready.

Events and Schedule


It is an Exciting case study competition conducted during the Avartan week. It tests the student’s mettle to contest and win against the brightest students across the best B-schools in Project Management domain.

International Project Management Day

It’s a Flagship 1-day program organized on first Thursday of November each year creating a confluence of Industry and Academia interaction. The various events organized on the IPM day are:

  • Panel Discussion
  • Summer Project Contest
  • Quiz
Panel discussion and magazine launch

This day-long event brings a rich discussion from industry experts on various Project Management aspects. The various programs organized are:

  • Panel Discussion
  • Case Study Competition
  • Online Quiz
  • Project Management Magazine launch

Photographs (committee members group photo + organized events)

Members Group Photo


Proicere 2017

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International Project Management Day 2017

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Committee Mail ID

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Committee Structure

Faculty Advisor:

Name:Prof. Kanchan Joshi
Email Id:
Contact No: 9821196235

Team members:

Sr.No. Name Mail ID Contact No. Role & Responsibility Batch
1 AmitKumar Batra 9996615983 Convener 2019
2 Sourabh Hingane 9561134555 Co-convener 2019
3 Krishna Murari 8950938426 Coordinator 2019
4 Anant Patil 9167222731 Coordinator 2019
5 Prashant Kumar 8978437384 Coordinator 2019
6 Sachin 8826921219 Treasurer 2019
7 AshishKumar Yadav 9779602776 Coordinator 2019
8 Sraboni roy 7085916855 Coordinator 2019
9 Alpana Garkoti 7895371747 Coordinator 2019
10 Aayushi Bansla 8171094046 Coordinator 2019
11 Kuljeet Singh 8339044911 Coordinator 2019
12 PriyOm Narayan Swami 7994315276 Coordinator 2019
13 Himanshu Kapoor 7042659392 Coordinator 2019
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