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Committee Description

Prerana was born in 1995 as an endeavor of the first PGDIM batch of NITIE. The seeds of this inspiring journey was sown with the flagship Summer Project Contest (SPC) which seeks to unearth the best summer projects across the areas of SCM, Marketing, Finance, HRM, Consulting, and IT.

Beginning with SPC as its sole event in the 1st edition, Prerana today has evolved into a panoply of pioneering contests. The sharpest and the brightest, from the best business schools of the country, arrive at NITIE each year to put mind over matter and battle it out for the top honours.

In 2013, the Golden Jubilee year, NITIE took a step towards amalgamation of all the student activities and saw the genesis of ‘Avartan’. Avartan signifies the rhythmic cycle of change and development .Avartan in corporate Lakshya – the annual corporate confluence of NITIE, Prerana – the management fest of NITIE, Arohan – the cultural fest and Josh – the sports fest at NITIE. The objective is to highlight the inherent power of team work and synergy in the modern organizational setup. The five day management conclave saw over 17 events and contests that drew participants from the best business schools of the country.

During Prerana, NITIE plays host to industry leaders and dignitaries who participate as jury and keynote speakers. The event transforms NITIE into a hotbed of activity focused at inspiring and driving students towards management excellence. It brings together the brightest management minds of the country, industry stalwarts from the top echelons of the corporate world, and trailblazers from the world of performing arts and cinema. Thus, the event creates a platform forstudent industry interaction to ensure a holistic management study experience for the students.

Events and Schedule

Avartan: The business part of Avartan – ‘Prerana’ will be conducted in October. The prime motive is to provide the industry interface for the students by conclaves and competitions

Schedule: This event is held in month of October every year. 0ctober 20-26 for 2018

  • The Prerana Business Meet (PBM)
  • Yes Bank - Finance Conclave, NITIE’s Annual Financial Conclave
  • PG and Dassault System - Summer Project Contest (SPC) - SCM, Finance, Marketing, Consulting, and IT modules
  • Schneider Electric –Synergy, smart city challenge
  • BPCL - Launchpad, A marketing case study competition
  • Canara Bank - Beat the Street, A finance case study competition
  • Spykar - Vivaad, A test of debating and extempore skills
  • Canara Bank - Equinox, A finance-equity research case study competition
  • Aditya Birla Group - Checkmate, A consulting challenge
  • Cognizant - Syncquest, An IT case study challenge
  • PG - Tactix, A supply chain case study competition
  • SC Next - Strategem
  • PiXL, Online Photography contest
  • Cita-Dela Prerana, Interative Talks with Eminent Personalities
  • Prerana Decibelz, Rock Show at NITIE

Talk show/conference

A conference / Talk show with eminent personalities to inspire, motivate and educate the students in different fields

Schedule: This event will be held in August/January.


Informals will be conducted in the week prior to Avartan week. These are to generate interest in the students about Avartan.

Schedule: This event will be held a week before Avartan. Tentatively, October 13/14 for Avartan 2018.

Photographs (committee members group photo + organized events):

  • FacultyCitadela – Celebrity Interactive Talk Show
  • FacultyPrerana Business Meet
  • FacultyLaunchpad – Marketing Case study Event
  • FacultyNITIE Finance Conclave

Committee Mail ID

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Committee Structure

Faculty Advisors:

Convener, Avartan: Prof. Hema A. Date, Dean (SA), NITIE, Mumbai,

Prof. T. Prasad, Chief Warden, NITIE, Mumbai,

Dr. Priyanka Verma, Warden, NITIE, Mumbai,

Prof. Ravindra Gokhale, Warden, NITIE, Mumbai,

Dr Vipul Kumar Singh, Warden, NITIE, Mumbai,

Prof. Utpal Chattopadhyay, Warden, NITIE, Mumbai,

Team members:

The team consists of IM, ISEM and PM students

Senior Team: 14 members

Junior Team: 15 members

Team (2017-2019 batch)

Sr.No. Name Mail ID Contact No Responsibility Batch
1 Aakash Malik 9650749658 Decibelz, Sponsorship, Transport 2019-ISEM
2 Akshay Bhat 7006943219 Prerana Business Meet, Sponsorship 2019-IM
3 Ankit Pandey 7388487082 Infrastructure and operations 2019-PM
4 Anurag Vemula 7659903903 Events, Lit. comm 2019-IM
5 Disha Ahuja 9999416815 Décor, Sponsorship 2019-IM
6 Gaurab Kar 9874557948 Events, Publicity promotion 2019-IM
7 Mishu Munjal 8433897654 Sponsorship 2019-IM
8 Preetinder Jit Singh 8870738801 Corporate Relations, Design 2019-IM
9 Rahul Gupta 90173-52628 Publicity promotion, Food Beverages 2019-IM
10 Sahil Madan 9654296410 Cita De La Prerana 2019-IM
11 Saumya Tripathi 9833232404 Events, Prerana Business Meet 2019-IM
12 Shweta Yadav 9584515651 Lit. comm and Events 2019-IM
13 Sravana Venkata Raju Boyina 7396837795 Treasurer Convener 2019-IM
14 Sree Ram Sarath Putta 8801867757 Design and Hospitality 2019-IM
15 Tanmoy Chakraborty 8527104881 Infrastructure Logistics 2019-IM

*All members are involved in sponsorship and events work.

Senior Team(2016-2018 batch)

Sr.No. Name Mail ID Contact No Responsibility Batch
1 Abdul Vassim Suraj 8281223815 Food Beverages, Sponsorship 2018-IM
2 Ashiya Bhuyan 8908627967

Cita De La, Events

3 Ashwini Shelar 7875094312 Sponsorship and corporate Relations 2018-IM
4 Boga Vineela Devi 9742732656 Events and Decor 2018-IM
5 Chirag Goel 9045589560 Infrastructure and operations 2018-IM
6 Durga Prasad Mishra 7093582939 Events and lead generation 2018-PM
7 Harish Jp 8291645435 Sponsorship and corporate relations 2018-IM
8 Niraj Nawgahre 9096059782 Decibelz and Logistics 2018-IM
9 Ompriya Tripathi 9453022023 Design and Hospitality 2018-IM
10 Rahul Kumar Gupta 8809093827 Infrastructure 2018-ISEM
11 Raghav Sandhu 9004288071 Publicity promotion 2018-IM
12 Revanth Kaza 9772206377 Lit. comm and Sponsorship 2018-IM
13 Ritwiz Shukla 8474911004 Prerana Business Meet and Sponsorship 2018-IM
14 Sauvik Pramanik 9880601303 Treasurer Convener 2018-IM
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