Program Overview

Program Overview

Post Graduate Diploma in Manufacturing Management

PGDMM - A Milestone in Manufacturing Endeavor

Manufacturing plays a vital role in the economic growth of a country. Government of India has set up the National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council (NMCC) to provide sustained growth of manufacturing industries and to enhance the competitiveness of manufacturing sector in India ( According to a NMCC strategy Paper, manufacturing has been recognized as the main engine for economic growth and creation of wealth. In line with this, NITIE offers a two-year full Post Graduate Manufacturing Management Program that will facilitate students in developing their skills and decision-making capabilities in the manufacturing domain giving them a cutting edge in executing the business strategy at the manufacturing function level. It would also help in exploiting the manufacturing capability from the business competitiveness point of view. The program aims at creating professionals equipped to meet the challenges in manufacturing management.

Scope Of The Programme (PGDMM)

  • This focused program aims to develop human capital that will be capable of designing and redesigning the most effective manufacturing system as per business needs.
  • The program would provide a multidisciplinary approach to facilitate students in grasping the need of different functions like procurement, marketing and supply chain in developing the manufacturing strategy and exploiting the manufacturing capability for achieving business competitiveness.
  • The program would give a perspective across value spectrum through factor input market, manufacturing systems, delivery system with specialized inputs in areas like rapid prototyping, computer integrated manufacturing, quality engineering, sustainable manufacturing, IT value in manufacturing system, etc.
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