Media Relations Committee

Committee Description


As rightly said “Media is the fourth pillar of democracy”. Media Relation Cell MRC) is the face of NITIE on various media platforms bridging NITIE to the external world

MRC ensures that NITIE is seen and heard at the right places, at the right time so that various stakeholders including faculty, students, applicants, corporates and alumni can achieve maximum leverage from the NITIE brand.

MRC discharges the dual responsibilities of internal as well as external branding and communication by streamlining all campus activities, guest lectures, panel discussions and channelling them to the social media platforms like Facebook, twitter etc.

Humans of NITIE”, an MRC initiated Facebook Page, showcases stories of success, hope, dreams, passions, desires of our people in the campus.

MRC is also in charge of the ranking and liaises with all ranking agencies and provides them with all the relevant inputs so as to ensure that NITIE gets its rightful position in the rank of top Institutions in the country.

InsideIIM is also managed by MRC and features stories that highlight the achievements of NITIE.

What’s new?

On 22nd January 2018, Media Relations Cell associated with Republic TV to host “Campus Trolls” in NITIE

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Roles and Responsibilities

  • Providing exclusive coverage of all student activities, corporate events and guest lectures being held in campus
  • Managing various platform for external communications like Facebook, twitter, linked-in etc.
  • Content writing in the form of articles, reports for all student and campus related activities
  • Build cordial relations with print and digital media for coverage of events held during fest and sports

Social Media Contacts



Facebook page:

Twitter handle: NITIE_Official

Committee Structure

Faculty Advisor

Name: Prof. K. S. Ranjani

Contact: 9869269250

Email Id:

Team Structure(IM+ISEM+IE+PM+MM)


Sr.No. Name Batch Phone.No Email.Id Role
1 Varun Hardia PGDIM 9827284632 Coordinator
2 Siddharth PGDIM 7757026636 Coordinator
3 Pulkit Benada PGDIM 8989451503 Coordinator
4 Parth Suneja PGDIM 9582993681 Coordinator
5 Kanchapu Ramanjan PGDIM 8331805654 Coordinator
6 Salabh Saurabh PGDIM 9654656803 Coordinator
7 Aarish Nissar PGDIM 9686426003 Coordinator
8 Samriddhi Dongre PGDISEM 8108979218 Coordinator
9 Pritam Sonawane PGDIE 9604086635 Coordinator
10 Anant Mohan PGDIE 9013098433 Coordinator
11 Nilesh Kalani PGDIE 8523936339 Coordinator
12 Aayushi Bansla PGDPM 8171094046 Coordinator
13 Suman Maji PGDMM 9474404689 Coordinator
14 Shivangni Gupta PGDMM 7052612078 Coordinator
15 Chetna Gondwal PGDMM 8708816043 Coordinator


Sr.No. Name Batch Phone.No Email.Id Role
1 Adil Mirza IM23 8291279717 Coordinator
2 Omar Razi IM23 9549487888 Coordinator
3 Anand Sisodiya IM23 9421381608 Coordinator
4 Saurabh Rai IM23 8698078663 Coordinator
5 Sudip Maji IM23 9903002616 Coordinator
6 Salil Inamdar IM23 8975542920 Coordinator
7 Vivek Ranjan Das IM23 8828022267 Coordinator
8 Manik Rajput IM23 9910094308 Coordinator
9 N Sripriyavardhini IM23 8695512909 Coordinator
10 Subham Gupta IE46 7999729793 Coordinator
11 Prakriti Jamne MM03 7722881551 Coordinator
12 Rukhsar Hussain IE46 8291645415 Coordinator
13 Nagesh Verma IE46 9041902951 Coordinator
14 Sandip Besra IE46 9780737848 Coordinator
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