Marketing Interest Group

Marketing Interest Group

Committee Description

The idea of the committee is to bring the marketing wizards of tomorrow to a common platform and share their wealth of knowledge and experience. MiG solely believes in spreading knowledge and generating a spark which eventually becomes a chain of thought and helps in developing marketing acumen. MiG organizes two flagship events: MahaMandi and Marskfete.

Events and Schedule


The pedagogy of MahaMandi ignites entrepreneurship spirit among the students that encourages them to go beyond the status-quo and develop out of box thinking. Students are assigned to engage in street selling of educational aids merchandise for a day and the experience is integrated with regular academic learning processes. Mandi Field experience is utilized to impart MBA curriculum at NITIE. The event is organized on the first week of August.


The annual marketing festival organized by Marketing Interest Group (MiG) that provide students a panoramic view of marketing practices and trends in the industry. It aims at providing a common platform to the leaders from industry, academicians and students from the participating institutes together to discuss various challenges associated with marketing and share their perspectives and concerns. Marksfete witness participation from pan India B-School students and top business leaders from corporate. The event is organized on the last week of February. Marksfete hosts following events:

  • Marksense: The marketing Case study
  • Maddiction: The marketing Quiz
  • Straight talk: Panel discussion
  • Marketrook: Annual Marketing magazine
  • MADads:Advertisement making competition
SENIORS (2016-2018)
Sr.No. Name Email id Mobile Number Roles and responsibility
1 Vishal Kumar 9466776046 Student Coordinator
2 Stuti varshney 9953097433 Student Coordinator
3 Shubhendu Gupta 9569915790 Student Coordinator
4 Sharad Nema 7757004147 Student Coordinator
5 Srijit Jaipuriar 9930374308 Student Coordinator
6 Saumanya Datta 9062247636 Student Coordinator
7 Girish Gupta 8052282627 Student Coordinator
8 Siddharth mohite 9752126654 Student Coordinator
9 Mayank Joshi 7077397621 Student Coordinator
10 Nikita Verma 8291645437 Student Coordinator
11 Vipul Khandelwal 9867460337 Student Coordinator
12 Manas Jain 9479447089 Student Coordinator
13 Akanksha Khare 9424400403 Student Coordinator
JUNIORS (2017-2019)
Sr.No. Name Email id Mobile Number Roles and responsibility
1 Mrigul Uppal 8286906110 Student Coordinator
2 Ritika Sachan 7042995135 Student Coordinator
3 Mumtaz Hussain Barakboo 9780082023 Student Coordinator
4 Vijay Arora 8958939588 Student Coordinator
5 Bodhayan Bhattacharya 9836840625 Student Coordinator
6 Jyoti Kushwaha 8130512925 Student Coordinator
7 Sraboni Roy 7085916855 Student Coordinator
8 Yedla Sanghamitra 7769940783 Student Coordinator
9 Anuj Gupta 7784805475 Student Coordinator
10 Ashish Kumar Yadav 9779602776 Student Coordinator
11 Manish Kumar 8208673782 Student Coordinator
12 Ashutosh Mundra 9826078799 Student Coordinator

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