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Every organization periodically needs external consultancy when:

  • Need arises for expertise which is not available within the organization.
  • Additional support necessary to broaden and update the expertise available in the organization is required.
  • A fresh, impartial and holistic outlook may be more beneficial.
  • Experience of other organizations may be of great help.

NITIE assists the organization through its Consultancy Services which:

  • Provide the needed expertise and impart the needed thrust to the organization.
  • Provide the benefits of a multi-disciplinary team with divergent backgrounds.
  • Bring to bear on the assignment, all the experience gained in varied areas over diverse organizations.

NITIE's Goals for Consultancy Services

Consultancy assignments are undertaken by NITIE through faculty members on a selective basis to meet the following goals:

  • Provide service to the industry by sharing expertise and competence of experienced NITIE faculty to diagnose and solve industrial problems objectively in selected areas of industrial engineering and management.
  • Provide service of inter-disciplinary team of NITIE faculty to apply latest concepts/methodologies/research validated approaches to solve real life problems in business and industry.
  • Help the faculty in developing case studies/course material, which can be used, with permission from host-organization, for dissemination of knowledge to executive/ students.
  • Maintain close linkage and liaison with business and industry.
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