Round Table Conference on Innovation in India

16:15 to 18:15

Round Table Conference on "Innovation in India"

Dr. H.R.Bhojwani (Advisor to Minister Communications &Information Technology, Chairman of ERNET) felicitated by
Prof. (Ms.) Karuna Jain, Director, NITIE.

The idea to organize the Round Table Conference on "Innovation in India" came up as a part of celebrating Golden Jubilee Celebrations of NITIE. As NITIE's focus is more on the manufacturing sector the Round Table also focused on technological innovations in MSMS sector.

Participants at the Round Table:

  • The Round Table was chaired by Dr. H. R. Bhojwni, Advisor to Minister Communication & Information Technology, Chairman of ERNET, Former Advisor, Council of Sceintific and Industrial Research.
  • Prof (Ms) Karuna Jain, Director, NITIE
  • Dr R.Hirwani,( Head, URDIP, CSIR);
  • Dr Meena Galleria (Chairperson, Social Entrepreneurship Cell, NIMIS University, Mumbai);
  • Mrs. Radhika Rastogi, Development Commissioner, Govt. of Maharashtra, Maharashtra Small Scale Industries Development Corporation Ltd. (MSSIDC);
  • Dr Atanu Ghosh, (Professor, IIT, Bombay) ;
  • Dr Bishram (CeO, Vision to Value) ;
  • From NITIE Dr. (Ms.) Mani K. Madala, Prof H.V. Bhasin, Dr. K. Maddulaty, Prof. Sanjeev Verma, Prof. Nikhil Mehta, Prof. Utpal Chattopadhyay, Dr. (Mrs) Upasana Agarwal, Dr. Mukundan and others.

Dr Bhojwani the Chairman pointed out that too much dependence on government and government initiative does not yield results. We have to build culture and ethos in the society which can drive innovation. In Indian scenario social stigma of failure plays an important role in poor innovation records. The ethos and the law have to encourage innovation by not punishing the failure. It is also seen that Indian people outside India are more innovative than people in India. It may have something to do with the freedom to fail.Dr Karuna Jain, Director NITIE, focused on the need to maintain a knowledge repository. She said Dr. Anil Gupta's Padyatra captured about 50000 innovations. But we are not keeping a score of our innovations particularly at the grass root level. Dr. Raj Hirwani emphasized on the need to promote university-industry collaboration in order to tap the global knowledge.

Mrs. Radhika Rastogi, Development Commissioner, Govt. of Maharashtra, Maharashtra Small Scale Industries Development Corporation Ltd. (MSSIDC);& Prof. (Ms.) Karuna Jain, Director, NITIE

Mrs. Radhika Rastogi put the spot light on the lack of innovation in agriculture and animal husbandry. She also felt there is a need for MSME clusters to collaborate with the nearest university. She also highlighted turmeric cluster in Sangli where dur to unique geographical and climate advantages it is possible to store turmeric safely upto four years. This is almost like having liquid capital in hand and due to high levels of CurCumin available in the turmeric in the Satara region-this turmeric is highly valuable in making anticancer drugs. Prof Atanu Ghosh focused on reverse innovation needed in developing countries which are poor. Citing examples of Nirma, Tata Motors, Bharti Airtel, Arvind Eyecare, he emphasized the need for involvement of all the stakeholders for sustained innovation.

Prof (Ms) Mani K Madala, Prof T Prasad, Prof Maddulaty, Prof Sanjeev Verma, Prof Nikhil Mehta, Prof Utpal Chattopadhyay, Dr Upasana Agarwal, Dr Mukundan, were members of the organizing committee. Fellow Students - Mr Siddharth Tripathi, Mr. Avinash Tripathi, Ms. Chitra Gounder, Ms. Sonal, Mr. Barun Thakur, Mr. Rajesh Ranjan, Shri V A Patankar and others rapporteured as well as supported the organizing of the Round Table.


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