Cultural Committee

Cultural Committee

Cultural Committee of NITIE is one of the crucial committees responsible for the jazz factor during the students’ college life. We are a bunch of motivated individuals who believe that a college should have its equal share of fun frolic along with the case studies. CultComm is an attempt to capture the vibrant persona of the students by offering them a platform to showcase their inner musicians, dancers, actors, painters, writers, photographers and dreamers.

The CultComm is responsible for the following activities

  • End to end organization of Arohan, the Inter B-School Cultural Fest of NITIE. Scheduled to happen every year in mid-October, it sees the channeling of exemplary talent from across the country to NITIE to compete against the best
  • Festival celebrations in campus: The student on campus thoroughly enjoy each festival in its own flavors e.g. Dahi Handi during janmashtmi, Ganpati Sthapana during Ganesh Chaturthi, Holi Party , Rain Dandiya etc. The cultural committee takes pleasure in organizing these so that the batch lets loose on such occasions.
  • Ataria Jam: A monthly get together, held in the sweet winter of February, at the famous ‘Ataria’ to sing famous songs accompanied by guitars and other musc instruments. More often than not it get converted into an open air antakshari and jamming session
  • Fresher’s Party: CultComm is responsible for organizing the official fresher’s party for the new batch which consists of music, dance & dramatics events performed by students of the new batch, in October
  • SPOC for other B schools: They are the point of contact for all other B Schools in the country.
  • Theatre of Performing Arts: This is an ice breaker events to break the ice between seniors and juniors after they come in the month of June. This involves performances in front of seniors by the juniors.

Photographs (committee members group photo + organised events)

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Committee Mail ID -

Social Handle link (FB/Twitter/LinkedIn)


Committee Structure

Faculty Advisor: (Name, Mail, Contact No)
Name Mail ID Contact No
Prof. Priyanka Verma 9619317260
Prof. Utpal Chattopadhyay 9969936749

Team members:

Sr.No. Name Mail ID Contact No Role Responsibility Batch
1 Akash Tyagi 9560123767 Events Participation 2018
2 Brinu Augustine 9620035653 Faculty SPOC 2018
3 Gurpreet Kaur 9985982091 Speakers Judges 2018
4 Prakhar Modi 8527828918 Faculty SPOC 2018
5 Priyam Tiwari 7879024825 Instruments 2018
6 Raghav Manchanda 9999927448 Public Relations 2018
7 Shantnu Kukreja 9772756565 Design 2018
8 Shree Namah Sharma 9039385767 Permissions 2018
9 Sonal Kiran 8007077985 Vendors 2018
10 Sreeram Mohan 9400554731 Photography 2018
11 Supragya Saurabh 9035127040 Sponsorship 2018
12 Toshali Mohanty 8291382440 Photography 2018
13 Vaishali Wasade 8983473197 Publicity 2018
14 Vinay Raveendran 9037809924 Budget Accounting 2018
15 Aditya Rawat 7579414229 Photography 2019
16 Ashirwad Tomar 9650948489 Sponsorship 2019
17 Gopal Krishna 7008016416 Design 2019
18 Harshit Pandey 8951108029 Budget Accounting 2019
19 Janmejai Singh Rathore 9920064310 Instruments 2019
20 Kartikeya Sharma 9582914812 Faculty SPOC 2019
21 Nikhil Ojha 8318592366 Public Relations 2019
22 Ravi Setia 9028578500 Permissions 2019
23 Shaista Khan 7065497095 Vendors 2019
24 Shanya Gupta 7000340968 Speakers Judges 2019
25 Shashank Goyal 7415835656 Vendors 2019
26 Shavika Gangrade 8989804085 Events Participation 2019
27 Yalini Chaturvedi 9163239625 Publicity 2019
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