Consumer Insight Centre

About the Centre

Consumer Insight Centre was established on February 15, 2018. The focus of the Centre is on “consumer” as a unit of analysis. The primary and secondary data repository of the Centre & its analysis would cover in depth study of current consumer preferences in specific industry and how the shift is happening by analyzing aggregate data (macro-trends) and disaggregate data (micro-trends). This would lead to new marketing practices and marketing policies for the organizations.

The research on consumer insights would also help in solving multiple managerial problems. There are four main types of research involved in studies related to consumer viz. Qualitative Research, Analytical Research, Case Study based Research, and Experimental Research (both lab and field based). The Qualitative Research would involve different interview formats and focused group discussions (FGD) with the target customer and panel members. The aim is to understand the reasons, opinions and motivation for their purchase decisions and unravel underlying consumer behavior. The Analytical Research would focus on large databases which may be analysed by using software like SAS and R. The inferences/learnings derived out after structurally documenting single or multiple business phenomenon is Case Study based Research. Experimental techniques would use manipulation and controlled research designs to understand causal processes.

The objectives of the Consumer Insights Centre are:

  • To establish a rich repository of aggregate or market level and disaggregate or store/consumer level data
  • To study consumer trends and markets with a holistic perspective
  • Promote research collaboration with international scholars
  • Advance consumer insights relevant to emerging markets and position the Centre as a leading research Centre on consumer insights
  • Bridge the gap between theory and practice of marketing in emerging markets by aligning research to contemporary marketing challenges of firms

Contact Information

Prof. Neeraj Pandey, Coordinator
Consumer Insights Centre
NITIE, Vihar Lake Road
Powai, Mumbai 400087


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