Completed Consultancy


List of Consultancy Assignments

Consultancy Projects undertaken by NITIE in the last three years (2013-2016)
Sr. No. Financial Year Name of Faculty Organization Title of Consultancy Amount received
(in Rupees)
Amount received
(in words)
1 2013-14 1.Prof.V.B.Khanapuri
2. Prof.A.D.Raoot
3. Dr.M.K.Jha
4. Dr.S.B.Hiremath
5. Dr. Sachin Kamble
M/s. Ambuja Cement Ltd.
Manpower Assessment 42.00 Lacs Rupees Forty Two Lakhs only
2 2013-14 1.Dr.RakeshRakesh Verma
2.Dr.Sanjeev Verma
S.H.Kelkar & Co. Pvt Ltd.
Workload Assessment and
Manpower Assessment Study
11.00 Lacs Rupees Eleven Lakhs only
3 2013-14 1.Prof.R.Ramaswamy
2. Prof.A D Raoot
3. Dr.U.Chattopadhyay
Transformers & Electricals Ltd.,
Manpower Study 18.00 Lacs Rupees Eighteen Lakhs only
4 2014-15 1. Dr.Amitabha De
2. Prof. A.D.Raoot
3. Dr.Sachin Kamble
4. Dr.S.Mukhopadh
5. Dr.Rauf Iqbql
JMDC, Kolkatta Work Study & Ergonomics Study 577.00 Lacs Seventy Seven Lakhs only
5 2014-15 1. Dr.Mani Madala
2. Dr.K.Maddulety
3. Prof.Sadhana Ghosh
4. Rakesh Verma
JMDC,Kolkatta TQM
6 2014-15 1. Dr.Mani Madala
2. Prof.P.K.Biswas
3. Dr.S.Mukhopadhyay
4. Prof.Hema Date
JMDC,Kolkatta Energy Mgmt.
7 2014-15 1. Dr.Anju Singh
2. Dr.S.Murthy
JMDC, Kolkatta Waste Mgmt
8 2014 -15 1. Prof.V.B.Khanapuri
2. Prof. Hema Date
JMDC,Kolkatta Maint.Mgmt
9 2014-15 1.Prof.(Mrs.)Hema Date
2.Dr.Rakesh Verma
Bajaj Sons Limited,
Industrial Engineering Study 6.00 Lacs Rupees Six Lakhs only
10 2014-15 1.Dr.Sachin Kamble
2.Prof.(Mrs) Sumi Jha
3.Dr.(Ms)Ruchita Gupta
Adani Gas Limited,
Manpower Assessment Study 6.00 Lacs Rupees Six Lakhs
11 2014-15 1.Dr.Sachin Kamble
2.Dr.Rauf Iqbql
3.Prof.Rakesh D.Raut
Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd.
(Times of India)
Supply Chain Audit for Circulation Process 7.00 Lacs Rupees Seven Lakhs
12 2014-15 1.Dr.M Venkateshwarlu
3.Dr.Vivek Khanzode
Kasturi & Sons Limited,
Manpower Optimization Study 7.00 Lacs Rupees Seven Lakhs
13 2014-15 1.Prof.M.Venkateshwarlu
2.Prof.Ranjan Chaudhury
3.Prof.Koteswara Rao Naik
Gujarat Alkalies & Chem. Ltd.,
Productivity and Profitability
Linked incentive Sceme
3.00 Lacs Rueees Three Lakhs
14 2014-15 1.Prof.S.B.Hiremath
2.Prof.Sachin Kamble
4.Prof.(MS)Karuna Jain
5.Prof.(MS)Priyanka Verma
JSW Jaigarh Port Limited.,
Productivity Study 10.25 Lacs Rupees Ten Lakhs and
Twenty Five Thousand
15 2014-15 1. Dr. D.K.Srivastava
2. Prof.H.V.Bhasin
3. Dr.Sachin Kamble
Biological E. Limited,
Manpower Assessment Study 11.00 Lacs Rupees Eleven Lakhs
16 2015-16 1.Prof.D.K.Srivastava
3.Prof.B.Koteswara Rao Naik
4.Prof.Ravindra S.Gokhale
Cargill India Pvt. Ltd.
Manpower Assessment 17.00 Lacs Rupees Seventy Lakhs
17 2015-16 1.Prof.A.K.Pundir
2.Prof.(Ms)Karuna Jain
3.Prof.Sachin Kamble
4.Prof.Neeraj Pandey
5.Prof. R. Mukundan
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.
Manpower Assessment Study 19.00 Lacs Rupees Nineteen Lakhs
18 2015-16 1. Prof. A. K.Pundir
2. Prof.(Ms) Karuna Jain
3. Prof.Vivek Khanzode
4. Prof.R.Mukundan
TVS Motors Limited,
Methyods Improvement and Work Measurement 9.50  Lacs Rupees Nine Lakhs Fifty Thousand
19 2015-16 1. Prof.D.K.Srivastava
2. Prof.P.Acharya
3. Prof.Rakesh Raut
HEG Limited.,
Bhopal (MP)
Manpower Assessment Study 22.00 Lacs Rupees Twenty Two Lakhs
20 2015-16 1.Prof.(Mrs) Hema Date
2.Dr. Rakesh Verma
Privi Organics Limited,
Navi Mumbai
Industrial Engineering Study 10.00 Lacs Rupees Ten Lakhs
21 2015-16 1.Prof.A.K.Pundir
2.Prof.(Ms)Karuna Jain
3.Prof.Rauf Iqbql
4.Prof.(Ms) Sumi Jha
PEC University of Technology,
Re-Structuring of Non-Teaching
5.00 Lacs Rupees Five Lakhs
22 2015-16 1.Prof.V.B.Khanappuri
3.Dr.Milind Akarte
5.Dr.(Ms)Upasna A.Agarwal
Larsen & Toubro Limited,
Manpower Assessment
12.50 Lacs Rupees Twelve Lakhs
Fifty Thousand
23 2015-16 1.Prof.V.B.Khanapuri
2.Prof.Priyanka Verma
3.Prof.(Ms)Karuna Jain
Larsen & Toubro Limited,
Method Study 4.00 Lacs Rupees Four Lakhs
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