Committee Description:

AtNITIE, we believe that a successful future cannot be built without reflecting into the past and learning from our experiences as well as those of others.B-Gyanis a Business-Institute interaction initiative atNITIE. It is anendeavorto amalgamate the rich experiences of the corporate world with the academic acumen of the students to create meaningful insights into the world of business.B-Gyanhas been conceptualized as a series of extramural lectures on varied management related topics and it draws very enthusiastic participation from the stalwarts of the corporate world. With their valuable insights, they have been able to transform the way we perceive the concepts of management across all the facets of business in the new economy. One of the oldest committees on NITIE – B-Gyan – also plays a key role in keeping students up to date with the industry and company specific information.

Events and Schedule:

  • Series of guest lectures organized one in each module
  • Preparatory sessions for junior batches in the first module
  • Industry dissectors and KYC (Know Your Company) documents for students before their SIP, CRP and LRP placement processes

Photographs (committee members group photo + organized events):


Committee Mail ID: bgyan@nitie.ac.in

Social Handel link (FB/Twitter/LinkedIn): Facebook

Committee Structure

Faculty Advisor: (Name, Mail, Contact No)

Name: Prof. Milind Akarte

E-mail ID: milind@nitie.ac.in

Contact: +91 9423139080

Team members:

Sr. No. Name Email ID Contact No. Role Batch
1 Bhasker Bisht bhasker.bisht.2018@nitie.ac.in 9759643871 Student Co-ordinator 2018
2 Nalin Kaushik Nalin.kaushik.2018@nitie.ac.in 7016621958 Student Co-ordinator 2018
3 Deepak Sharma Deepak.sharma.2018@nitie.ac.in 9867479736 Student Co-ordinator 2018
4 Monika Chouhan Monika.chouhan.2018@nitie.ac.in 8291645230 Student Co-ordinator 2018
5 Mayur Patil mayur.patil.2018@nitie.ac.in 8433302296 Student Co-ordinator 2018
6 Hanu dutt Sharma hanu.sharma.2018@nitie.ac.in 9873196260 Student Co-ordinator 2018
7 Sourabh Hingane sourabh.hingane.2019@nitie.ac.in 9561134555 Student Co-ordinator 2019
8 Veni Mahra Veni.Mahra.2019@nitie.ac.in 7292061028 Student Co-ordinator 2019
9 Mohd Shahwaz Mohd.shahwaz.2019@nitie.ac.in 8586939842 Student Co-ordinator 2019
10 Nishant Rishi Nishant.rishi.2019@nitie.ac.in 7042902282 Student Co-ordinator 2019
11 Saaransh Sahu Sahu.santosh.2019@nitie.ac.in 9029720959 Student Co-ordinator 2019
12 Ankit Tiwari Ankit.tiwari.2019@nitie.ac.in 8410012624 Student Co-ordinator 2019
13 Sirish Dutt Sirish.dutt.2019@nitie.ac.in 8791304026 Student Co-ordinator 2019
14 Himanshu Kapoor Himanshu.kapoor.2019@nitie.ac.in 7042659392 Student Co-ordinator 2019
15 Amit Kumar Singh Amit.singh.2019@nitie.ac.in 7528958267 Student Co-ordinator 2019
16 Gaurav Dhaudiyal Gaurav.dhaudiyal.2019@nitie.ac.in 7017020216 Student Co-ordinator 2019
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