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Committee Description

Arth is the Investment Club of NITIE and has been breeding ground for potential investment bankers and portfolio managers since its inception. Arth has always been home to inquisitive minds that aspire to create the most logical form of exchange the world has known i.e. money. It boasts of a long list of illustrious alumni who are now transforming the financial services industry into a more ethical and efficient one. The core principle of Arth has been responsible investing and we believe speculation is a crime of the highest order. It's a clique where knowledge and intellect drive every activity that members indulge in. Arth has radically transformed from a quasi mutual fund for students of NITIE and has broadened its horizon by aiming at generating knowledge in the field of investing with application of it (active fund management strategy) to the student fund for responsible returns based on the risk appetite of the batch. Members of Arth indulge in weekly discussions to identify the potential opportunities that exist for wealth creation and knowledge sharing. Arth is going through the most exciting times of transformation and members are living by their dream to make a mark in the world of Investing.

Events and Schedule

  • Event: Arth Week
  • Schedule: February
  • Activities:
  • Expert Talk
  • Virtual Trading Competition
  • Case Study Challenge
  • Demat Account Opening Drive

Photographs (committee members group photo + organised events)

  • Photo
  • Photo
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Launch of ICFL StockMind

Committee Mail

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Committee Structure

Faculty Advisor: (Name, Mail, Contact No)

Name: Prof. Venkateshwarlu


Contact No: 9869073212

Team members:

Sr.No. Name Mail ID Contact No Role Responsibility Batch
1 Ali Akbar 9746102103 Student Coordinator 2019
2 Anant Patil 9167222731 Student Coordinator 2019
3 Anirudh Modi 8055602576 Student Coordinator 2019
4 Himanshu Gupta 7200372275 Student Coordinator 2019
5 Mishu Munjal 9729071110 Student Coordinator 2019
6 Munna Yadav 9594038457 Student Coordinator 2019
7 Palash Jaiswal 9503244983 Student Coordinator 2019
8 Prerak Rokadia 8000191941 Student Coordinator 2019
9 Rahul Deswal 7726027441 Student Coordinator 2019
10 Rajdeep Singh 9770672888 Student Coordinator 2019
11 Rishav Soni 7060466966 Student Coordinator 2019
12 Vaibhav Zaveri 9920838802 Student Coordinator 2019
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