Alumni Committee

Alumni Committee

Committee Description:

An Institute has its reputation established on the achievements of its alumni, faculty and students. This is exactly the reason wh NITIE has the kind of reputation it possesses. Serving the nation for over 50 years as a top institute, NITIE flaunts one of the richest bases of alumni network in India. Alumni network helps NITIE to remain agile and responsive to the needs of the market through the interactions between Industry and Institute.

The NITIE Alumni Student Committee strives to develop connections among alumni, current students, faculty and management laying the platform for all stakeholders to share knowledge, gain focus, improve and develop. We offer services that stimulate interaction and maintain support mechanisms for Alumni networking. Alumni Committee facilitates continued interaction of Alumni with the Institute in interest of sustaining the Institute's ability to maintain a commitment par excellence.

Events and Schedule

Induction Sessions

Induction Session is organized during “Abhisanskaran”-Orientation Program of first year students. Alumni from various industry share their experiences about their life at NITIE as well as in industry they are connected to.

Schedule: This event is held in month of June every year.


Organizing Talks with alumni on regular basis with students to bring in industry perspective to their knowledge repository

Schedule: This certification course is held in month of September every year.


SANSMARAN ” - literally meaning reminiscence is the vantage point for the alumni. It is the annual Alumni Meet of NITIE. It is a platform for the alumni across the Globe to reconnect with their alma mater.

It is one day meet which consists of various programs such as

  • Distinguished Alumnus Awards
  • Young Promising Alumnus Awards
  • Madala Scholarship Rangan Scholarship
  • CEO conclave
  • Annual General Body Meeting
  • Industry talks with hundreds of NITIE alumni attending from all over the globe each year
  • Campus Tour
  • Cultural Evening
Schedule: This event is held during the month of November every year.

Regional Alumni Meet (RAM)

event organized in major cities across India for Alumni Interaction.

RAM is generally organized in the following cities venue organized in the following cities during the month of April-June

  • Mumbai, NITIE,Mumbai
  • Delhi-NCR, Hotel Lemon Tree Premier Gurgaon
  • Bengaluru, Hotel Courtyard Marriot
  • Hyderabad, Hotel Marigold Greenpark
  • Pune, Hotel Ginger Pune
  • Chennai, Hotel Howard Plaza
  • Kolkata,Hotel Trincas
Schedule: RAM is conducted during the months of April, May June every year


Content, design and publication of annual alumni magazine is taken care by the Alumni Committee.

Schedule:The Magazine is distributed to alumni in Sansmaran and RAM every year

Pre-Internship Sessions:

In order to have a better understanding of the industry for the students before internship, Alumni from various spheres of industry are called to NITIE campus and sessions are organized.

Schedule: Sessions are conducted during the months of January, February March every year

NITIEAlumni Website and LinkedIn Account:

NITIE Alumni website is maintained and updates of recent events and news taken care by Alumni Committee.

Batch Photograph Alumni ID Card

As it is always said ”Lest we forget” so to have a symbol of remembrance, Batch Photograph session of outgoing batches is organized by Alumni Committee.

ID Cards are given every year to outgoing batch. The id card serves as a purpose of identity for the students when they leave NITIE.

Schedule: Batch Photograph session ID card distribution is done in month of March
  • FacultyAlumni Committee
  • FacultySansmaran-Annual Alumni Meet
  • FacultySansmaran-Annual Alumni Meet-Cultural Evening
  • FacultyRegional Alumni Meet
  • Committee Mail ID:

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Committee Structure

Faculty Advisor:

Name: Prof.Rakesh Raut
Email Id:

Contact No:+91-9372449816

NITIE Alumni Association(NAA): Executive Committee Members

President: Prof. (Ms.) Karuna Jain, Director,NITIE

Chairman: Mr. Dev Bhatacharya

Hon.Secretary: Prof. Sumi Jha

Hon.Treasurer: Prof.Rakesh Raut

Team members

Alumni Committee is different for (IE+MM) (IM+PM+ISEM) respectively

Alumni Committee (IM+PM+ISEM)

  • Seniors (IM+PM+ISEM):11
  • Juniors (IM+PM+ISEM):11
  • Total Committee Members: 22

Alumni Committee (IE+MM)

  • Seniors (IE+MM):8
  • Juniors (IE+MM):8
  • Total Committee Members:16

Alumni Committee (IM+ISEM+PM)


Sr.No. Name Mail ID Contact No Responsibility Batch
1 Nikhil Joshi 7038370115 Convenor 2019-IM
2 Srikant Nair 9033934857 Treasurer 2019-IM
3 Abhay Yadav 8982626263 Content Writing 2019-PM
4 Keerthi Renigunta 8511803705 Content Writing 2019-IM
5 Amrita Chopra 9036065286 Magazine Design 2019-ISEM
6 Manuj Garg 8447773864 Magazine Design 2019-IM
7 Abhishek Maheshwari 9769908124 Relationship Management 2019-ISEM
8 Maninder Singh 9650819349 Relationship Management 2019-IM
9 Sonal Dongle 9685007302 Relationship Management 2019-IM
10 Goldy Khurana 9416137927 Website Management 2019-IM
11 Pritish Mahadik 9833791798 Website Management 2019-IM


Sr.No. Name Mail ID Contact No Responsibility Batch
1 Aayush Tripathi 8754577725 Relationship Management 2018-IM
2 Ashish Verma 8369268012 Relationship Management 2018-IM
3 Devashish Ranjan 7726811691 Relationship Management 2018-IM
4 Nishant Gawande 8983401607 Relationship Management 2018-IM
5 Rubin Deshbhratar 9819622120 Relationship Management 2018-IM
6 Sanchi Sharma 8291644692 Relationship Management 2018-IM
7 Soumyadip Choudhury 8789801992 Relationship Management 2018-IM
8 Tejas Agarwal 9720215558 Relationship Management 2018-IM
9 Anshul Mishra 8879257850 Relationship Management 2018-ISEM
10 Yash Vadodaria 9428019318 Relationship Management 2018-ISEM
11 Abhishek Kumar 8953987972 Relationship Management 2018-PM

Alumni Committee (IE+MM)


Sr.No Name Mail ID Contact No Responsibility Batch
1 Guru Teja Guduri 9901760127 Convenor 2019-MM
2 Ujwal Soni 8217835077 Treasurer 2019-IE
3 Shristi Singh 8871280051 Content Writing 2019-IE
4 Bandi Nageswararao 9677479999 Magazine Design 2019-IE
5 Nidhi Shukla 7508531052 Relationship Management 2019-IE
6 Kushal Soni 9935161632 Relationship Management 2019-IE
7 Mashkoor Ezdi Gyasi 9082256884 Relationship Management 2019-IE
Darshankumar Hirapure 9503419801 Website Management 2019-IE


Sr.No. Name Mail ID Contact No Responsibility Batch
1 Gurpreet Singh Walia 8054530977 Relationship Management 2018-IE
2 Himanshu Arha 9619833089 Relationship Management 2018-IE
3 Kartikey Pandey 8291645322 Relationship Management 2018-IE
4 Prakhar Shrivastava 8109584964 Relationship Management 2018-IE
5 Saloni Arora 9756328656 Relationship Management 2018-IE
6 Shalini Gupta 9424513014 Relationship Management 2018-IE
7 Abhishek Chiluvari 8019827340 Relationship Management 2018-MM
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